Terra Promo - it's...
5 years
Experience in the field of
Internet promotion.
9 years
Experience in
development of complex products and
website development.
118 projects
At the moment the company's portfolio includes
44 active projects
from different business spheres.
30 people
The company employs experienced professionals,
programmers and project managers
in each area.
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    Companies in Ukraine are increasingly using online to communicate and engage with advertising tools. It makes sense, people are increasingly buying goods online, ordering food, studying and working online.

    But an online business presence is not enough. If you want your business to grow, you need to promote your business digitally. Better yet, do it through an advertising agency.

    Growing a business in the digital sphere 一 is not a one-time project that will work statically. It is an ongoing investment of time and money for internet marketing services and improving advertising tasks. Ways to promote a business online work cumulatively and yield efficiencies after a while.

    When promoting a brand through a digital system, you need to constantly work with the reputation of the business, check the web resource for technical errors, analyze competitors, the relevance of the offer and study the target audience for advertising campaigns. Then the business will grow and make a profit.

    That is why we advise all our clients to take a comprehensive approach to brand promotion on the Internet. This means that it is necessary to develop the digital business from all sides and apply different types of marketing tools. The best way to do this is through an advertising agency with a strong team of professional specialists.

    “TerraPromo” 一 a digital agency that provides comprehensive services for Internet marketing in Ukraine. We help to promote and develop business on the Internet.

    We offer comprehensive and effective marketing solutions for brand promotion in Ukraine abroad.

    Four years of experience in the field of digital technology throughout Ukraine allows us to call ourselves professionals. We had difficult and extraordinary tasks, which we were able to solve successfully due to coordinated teamwork of our digital advertising agency.

    Only for the last 2 years internet-marketing agency constantly worked on 44 active promotional projects. The digital agency worked with the following industries: foreign real estate, 3D printing on metal, paint and varnish production, car leasing, furniture production. The works are placed in the portfolio.

      Have interesting projects?

      Internet marketing services in TerraPromo

      1. SEO optimization and web resource promotion. We do SEO optimization and business promotion on the Internet, so that the web resource of the company gets to high positions in Google search results. This increases incoming traffic and can be converted into sales and orders.Optimization is a must if you want constant traffic from the Internet. Especially at the stage of creating new web resources need optimization – this is a solid foundation for the further promotion of business on the Internet.Old web resources with poor usability do not arouse the confidence of either customers or search engines. Therefore it is difficult to sell anything with such a project.
      2. Digital Agency develops websites Need to create a web resource for a company or an online store? Our marketing agency can do it for you:
        • Corporate web resource 一 company blog, official representation of the business online. We do in time from 25 working days.
        • Online store 一 multi-page web resource, to sell goods online. Digital agency creates an online store from scratch and promotes it to attract customers and increase sales. We launch from 30 working days.
        • Landing pages 一 for selling a specific product, presenting events and collecting contacts for E-mail marketing. A marketing agency can do a landing page in 10 days or more, depending on the complexity of the functionality and the amount of work involved.

        Digital agency can undertake the creation of a web-resource from scratch and do it turnkey, or help with some stage of development and promotion: to finish the web-page, do an audit, correct some errors, make usability, adapt for mobile devices, set up an advertising cabinet, etc.

      3. SMM It’s an effective digital tool for increasing brand awareness and audience loyalty. Through social networks, you can introduce your business to your audience, set up targeted advertising, interact with your audience and attract traffic to your web resource.Social networks are useful because there you can set up the most targeted ads by criteria like: gender, age, location, interests, etc. It only remains to determine who your target audience is.Another advantage of promotion in digital through social networks is that with proper targeting, advertising costs will be much lower.
      4. Google Ads. Promoting a business on the Internet with contextual advertising is an effective and simple method. Through context you can attract a large amount of warm traffic. But to set up an advertising campaign, you need a competent and competent approach. Otherwise, the advertising budget can be drained, or the context can not pay for itself.Ordering set up google ads through our marketing agency will be beneficial in that we are able to competently adjust the advertising campaign, to set the optimal price per click and optimize the advertising budget.Advertising agency often does a complex of marketing services, but can also take a one-time order: landing page, technical audit of a web resource or set up an advertising cabinet.Why we:
        • for each stage of complex digital work in the advertising company, its own specialist: make your project strong from all sides ;
        • advertising agency has extensive experience in the creation and promotion of web resources;
        • Increase traffic, positions and sales through a well-built strategy;
        • applying to our digital agency in Kiev will be cheaper than hiring full-time employees;
        • advertising company offers favorable prices on digital work;
        • we take care of your budget: we always try to get the maximum result at minimum cost.

      You can contact our advertising agency in Kiev, when you need a person or a team for a one-time or comprehensive work on the Internet business. We constantly monitor digital innovations and requirements of search engines. Advertising agency will introduce effective and profitable marketing tools into your business.

      There are a lot of marketing tools to attract traffic. It is important to choose them skilfully. The team of advertising company will analyze the specifics of your business, niche, target audience, taking into account the budget – will make a comprehensive marketing strategy for your company.

      You can control the work of the advertising company. Our advertising agency provides reports on the work done and shows statistics to assess the effectiveness of digital services.

      We will assign you a separate project manager, who will manage the project, keep you informed and answer your questions. You will not have to separately contact programmers and look for advertising company designers.

      The agency for website promotion can take on a comprehensive job on a permanent basis. In this case, the price for digital support will be flexible and depend on the amount of work performed. You will not pay for a whole day’s work for an advertising company, as in the case of hired workers.

      How to order the services of an advertising agency in Ukraine

      To start working with our agency, you need to leave an application through a short form on our page. Digital agency experts will call you back to discuss cooperation.

      Digital agency in Kiev, works with clients all over Ukraine remotely. You can also come to our office in Kiev and tell us about your project.

      TerraPromo renders comprehensive marketing services on the basis of a contractual agreement. Before the start of marketing work we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your web resource to determine the amount and cost of promotional work.

      Our internet marketing agency in Kiev is responsible for the result of the work on the promotion of the brand and is responsible for the quality of the work. Guarantees are written in a contract with the advertising company.

      Please contact our digital agency TerraPromo to effectively promote your business in digital.