3 major business benefits:
Attracting leads
A quick way to find potential clients.
Ability to reach new audiences and increase sales.
Formation of demand
You're constantly "on the lookout" and you're fueling interest in your product.
The scope of work is conditionally divided into 6 stages:
01 Briefing. Get to know you better to learn about the product, its unique aspects, values and company goals.
02 Niche Analysis. We carefully study the features of your business, the strengths and weaknesses of "colleagues in the shop", prepare a report and our proposals.
03 Goals and KPIs. We form a pool of goals and objectives that will determine the effectiveness of our work. We make an initial calculation of the costs of targeting advertising.
04 Preparation and startup. We develop a strategy, test hypotheses on messages, target audiences, creatives and places of advertising (placements).
05 Optimization. We regularly check and analyze the results, adjusting the "scope" and working hypotheses.
06 Report. Every month we sum up the results, prepare a detailed report on the work done, including the results of hypothesis testing and plans for the next period.
"Hunting" for leads in different niches and areas of business for not the first year, constantly raising the level of professionalism
The Deductive Method
To create effective advertising campaigns, we do not guess on tarot cards, but use knowledge, logic and experience.
Aiming for results
We are not in the habit of giving in to difficulties. Every challenge is a point of growth and a "plus" to our experience.
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    Our company turned to TerraPromo 1.5 years ago with the task of moving the site to WP. Gradually we handed over the management of advertising, SEO and SMM. I liked the fact that the guys proposed a non-standard update of the site and significantly reduced the load on the content manager, while increasing the number of objects to be added. We are entrusted with all the company’s requests: from the creation of a website to the clients’ enrollment in Bitrix right away. A big plus: always in touch. I wish the guys good luck and professional success 🙂

    Marketing Manager “Hayat Estate” Kiev, Ukraine


    Targeted ads

    When promoting a brand on social networks, you can’t do without targeting. Targeted advertising is a useful marketing tool for attracting the right audience. When properly configured, such advertising hits the target and matches the interests of selected users. This explains the effectiveness of targeted advertising.

    Targeted ads are creatives and ads that can be shown to a particular category of users. Targeted advertising in social networks helps to customize the display of ads to specific users, dividing them according to the required parameters, such as gender, age, location, interests, social status, etc.

    Targeted advertising is most often used in social networks and is one of the most effective tools of SMM. For which platforms targeting is suitable:

    1. Advertising on social networks Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc;
    2. Targeting on some Google services.

    Target is affordable because online business page ads are only shown to people who are likely to be interested in your offer. Accordingly, advertising on Instagram and Facebook has more targeted clicks and quickly recoups the investment.

    Targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook are displayed in the form of:

    1. Text and text-graphic blocks;
    2. Native posts in the news feed and recommendations;
    3. Targeted advertising in the form of banners, carousels, videos, posts, etc.

    What tasks targeting advertising performs

    • Targeted advertising attracts the attention of the audience through targeted messages and offers;
    • It helps to tell those who are most likely to be interested in your product;
    • Paid advertising in social networks attracts interested users to the site.
    • Targeted advertising motivates an audience to buy a product.

    Social networks “see” full information about their registered users and are ready to provide advertisers with a grouped audience for effective advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

    The advantages of targeting advertising on Facebook and Instagram

    • Quick setup of targeting ads.
    • Adjustment and optimization of set values is possible even after the launch of the targeting. For example, you want to define a more precise target audience and narrow the range of users for impressions.
    • Targeting can be launched with a small budget.
    • The ability to evaluate the performance of targeting ads through statistics.
    • Facebook ads can reach a narrow target audience: profession, activity, a particular neighborhood in the city, etc.
    • Efficiency by showing ads to users who are likely to be interested in the product.Targeting advertising by parameters

    In order for targeting to be as effective as possible and justify the investment, it is necessary to properly configure the parameters of the advertising campaign. Targeting parameters are the criteria by which the system selects users for display.

    The basics of skillful use of targeting advertising is to understand the psychology of the target audience, their interests and socio-demographic parameters. Based on these data should be determined by the category of users who will see the ad.

    Adjusting the targeting of advertising is carried out by such parameters as:

    1. Socio-demographic targeting – targeting ads based on data such as: age, gender, education, marital status, interests, city.
      For example, when selling motor boats, you can set up targeting on solvent men over 25 years old. You can also set up targeted ads for motor boats to show users who are interested in fishing and outdoor activities.Psychographic targeting – life positions, attitudes, values, lifestyle.For example, if a person is subscribed to a community about design and repair, he is likely to like handmade by a designer. Targeted advertising can be set up for such an audience.
    2. Time Targeting. You can set up targeting ads to show ads on specific days and times. For example, you are engaged in the delivery of ready-made meals and make free delivery on Fridays. Then you can create a separate targeting for this action and set up targeting ads on Thursday and Friday.
    3. Geotargeting. Setting up a display of targeted ads based on the geographical location of users. Location is determined not by the city specified by the user, but on the basis of IP-addresses and GPS signals. Targeting by location is often used by small organizations to attract customers close to the office or sales point.
    4. Technical targeting. You can determine which device a user came from. Such information is needed to suggest the approximate level of income of the user. Technical targeting is also relevant for advertising applications for phones.
    5. Lookalike – targeting for a similar audience. An additional targeting option which finds users similar to the original audience. Suppose a business owner knows his target audience so well that he can narrow them down by characteristics as much as possible. To increase this “narrowed” audience, he can use Lookalike technology to find exactly the same users.
    6. Retargeting – interaction with a user who was previously interested in the product. Most users leave websites without a purchase or application. It’s not because the product is bad in any way. The customer almost always needs time to think about whether or not to buy the product.

    You can show a retargeted ad to those people who viewed the ad, but did not make a purchase. By doing retargeting, you can encourage users to buy, make sales and recoup empty clicks on the ad.

    Choosing the right parameters is the key to the effectiveness and efficiency of targeting ads. The more accurately you will target the right target audience, the more traffic and the lower the number of empty clicks on the ad.

    Before launching, the ad is moderated by the administration of the advertising site on the degree of compliance with the requirements for advertisers.

    Guarantees of result
    Provide your sales managers with the flow of targeted leads.
    We guarantee a conscientious approach to work, full and transparent reporting.
    We will fight for the result and enjoy the success together with you.
    Targeted advertising is used not only for promotion in Instagram or Facebook. Promotion in TikTok with the help of targeted advertising in Ukraine at the moment is available only for SMM-agencies. It is possible to set up targeted advertising in Pinterest if your target audience is located in one of the countries abroad that are included in a special list of the social network. Ukraine is not included in it yet.
    Yes, the cost of advertising can be different.
    We work with different advertisers, including those outside Ukraine.
    Rather, they complement each other. Targeted advertising works even with cold audiences, while contextual advertising reaches a huge number of "warm" leads, the cost of which is usually lower than the cost of targeting with a similar goal and volume.
    Yes, this option is possible if you need fast sales and no time to conduct social networks. But it should be understood that behind such promotion is not the goal of brand development in the future. Cash only:)
    You can, but it's not practical:) Advertising campaigns need constant monitoring and correction of actions. Otherwise you run the risk of "draining" the budget, without having figured out what exactly brings you income and how effective your advertising was.
    We are digital professionals

      Have interesting project?

      Targeting on Instagram

      Instagram is an excellent platform for launching targeting ads. Targeting on Instagram gives a very large reach. The social network has about 1 billion registered users. All that remains is to find ways to properly interact with them and get results.

      Advertising in Instagram allows:

      • promote the business page as a whole;
      • Set up targeting and retargeting on the target audience;
      • makes it possible to legally place external links leading to your website;
      • increase brand awareness and audience loyalty;
      • show new products through targeted advertising and announce events.

      Targeting on Instagram has the bold advantage of a loyal audience. As a rule, Instagram users are loyal to commercial ads, they actively click and click through the ads.

      Targeting formats on Instagram can be in the form of simple images, videos, a ring gallery, and storis ads.

      Setting up targeting ads on Instagram is done through:

      1. Instagram app;
      2. setting up Instagram ads through the Facebook ADS.

      Instagram ads are set up for more specific parameters through the Facebook Ads Office. Through it, you can select any targeting, exact location, detail interests, etc.

      Advertising on Instagram through Facebook, while simple, requires professional knowledge and experience in SMM page promotion. Especially if your goal is not just to reach a large Instagram audience, but also to get more conversions. It’s important not only to choose the right visuals and text for your ads, your Instagram ads should be run with fine-tuned targeting parameters so that ads are seen by those who are sure to be interested in the product. This requires marketing analysis of the audience, a series of test runs of the targeting and observation. It’s better if the setup is done by an experienced targeting specialist. The service is inexpensive and can quickly pay for itself.

      You can order advertising in Instagram in our company TerraPromo in Kiev. Professional promotion in Instagram will allow you to get leads/conversions right away. Competent optimized advertising in Instagram helps to reduce the cost of leads and increase their number.

      Targeted advertising on Facebook

      Facebook is the most popular and advanced social network in the world. This is a great platform to promote your page. Facebook also has a lot of paying users. Therefore, advertising on Facebook is a great way to get hot leads and increase brand awareness in Ukraine, as well as beyond its borders.

      Facebook ads are set up and run through Ads Manager. This is a free tool you can use to create and manage your targeting ads and see how effective your promotion is on Facebook or Instagram.

      Unlike targeting through the Instagram app, Facebook Ads are configurable with the ability to more accurately target an audience and select targeting options.

      For example, if FB ads are to increase brand awareness, the system will show ads to those who are already interested in a product or company similar to yours.

      Facebook ads can be shown not only by location, but also by a precise radius with an accuracy of up to a kilometer. This is handy for promoting a local business page. For example, advertise local coffee shops or hair salons.

      Paid Facebook ads can show ads based on specific audience interests. For example, education level, profession, hobbies. This allows you to narrow down your targeting ads as much as possible and get more warm traffic.

      Setting up targeting ads through the Instagram app does not allow you to take advantage of an additional tool to narrow your audience. Therefore, targeting in Instagram, it is better to set up through the Ads service for Facebook.

      Do you want advertising on Facebook to pay off and get results? Contact the digital agency TerraPromo. We will help you set up the targeting and get more leads.

      How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram and Facebook

      The cost of targeting is based on complex auction algorithms and does not have a fixed price. You can only see how much it costs per click or 1,000 impressions when you set it up before launching your targeting. One click can cost anywhere from 10 cents to several hundred dollars. The cost to promote on Facebook or Instagram depends on how many advertisers are targeting a particular audience, the size of the ad, how narrow the audience is and the goals of the ad.

      Professional targeting in Ukraine

      You can order advertising in Instagram and Facebook in our company TerraPromo. We are engaged in complex promotion of business accounts on a turnkey basis not only in Kiev but all over Ukraine.

      Our team includes strong targeting specialists who will adjust targeting and optimize page promotion in social networks without unnecessary expenses.

      Why order the service of complex promotion on a turn-key basis with us:

      • Extensive experience in the professional promotion of business accounts;
      • We know how to set up targeting to receive quality leads at a low price. For example, up to $ 5 per lead in the foreign real estate or business leasing niche;
      • We set up and run the targeting in a short time;
      • Constantly doing a / v testing to reduce the cost of the lead without compromising the reach and effectiveness of the targeting.

      We make effective targeting advertising by complying with important factors – quality creative and text that will interest the target audience and competent settings to hit the right users.

      Services targeting specialist in Kiev: how much and how to order

      You can order services of a specialist in Kiev through our website. Setting up targeted advertising is a popular service at our agency. We have worked with various industries and can do optimized targeting for your page. The cost of the targeting service depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

      Call us or leave an application on the agency’s website to discuss your project.