3 main benefits for business
"Visibility" for customers
The audience is already looking for your product, it is only necessary to get into the field of vision of the potential buyer.
Increased sales
Quick and effective method of sales in the Internet, which allows you to get the first profit on the day of launching the campaign.
Increasing traffic to the site
Get a flow of new people to your site. Let the audience get to know and love your brand;)
The main stages of work for setting up ads
01 Briefing. We get to know the company and the product more closely and consider all the important details that will be used in the work.
02 Analyses of niche. In-depth study of the market, audience requests, strengths and weaknesses of the competitors. On the basis of the received data we prepare a report and our suggestions.
03 Goals and KPIs. Formulate a pool of goals and objectives, identify markers for their implementation, make the primary costing of contextual advertising.
04 Preparation and launch. Key stage, where the setup of the advertising account and analytics, the development of USP, preparation of advertisements and the start of the advertising campaign.
05 Optimization. We constantly keep in touch and analyze the results obtained, if necessary, we will organize promotional campaigns.
06 Report. Every month we summarize the results, prepare a detailed report on the work done, the results of hypothesis testing and plans for the next period.
We are a partner of Google. We have expertise in the development and optimization of any advertising campaigns for the search engine.
Deductive method
For the creation of effective advertising campaigns we do not read the Tarot cards, but we use knowledge, logic and experience.
Aiming for results
We do not pass up in the face of difficulties. Each and every action is a point of our growth, a "plus" to our experience and a result for your business.

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    I want to thank this great team of proffesionals that works for TerraPromo! From the very first time I reached out the service has been exceptional as well as an attention to details which is outstanding. They took there time to understand my business and paid attention to all the aspect. Hands down the best google ads and SEO agency.

    owner of “STEP BY STEP” Boston, USA

    Our company contacted TerraPromo 1.5 years ago with the task of moving the site to WP. Gradually we handed over the management of advertising, SEO and SMM. I liked the fact that the guys proposed a non-standard update of the site and significantly reduced the load on the content manager, while increasing the number of objects to be added. We are entrusted with all the company’s requests: from the creation of a website to the clients’ enrollment in Bitrix right away. A big plus: always in touch. I wish the guys good luck and professional success 🙂

    marketing “Hayat Estate” m. Kyiv, Ukraine

    We have been working with the company for over two years. We are pleased with the smooth communication, creativity and initiative of the team. It is nice to know that you work with a team that is ready 24 by 7 to fulfill all tasks, to bring the creatives to their ideal form, sometimes gently, sometimes responding with humor to the main requests, but at the same time trying to achieve the most demanding tastes.
    Terra Promo team became for us more than a contractor)). They are our friends🙃

    marketing “ULF” m. Kiev, Ukraine

    We have been working with the company for over two years. We are pleased with the smooth communication, creativity and initiative of the team. It is very nice to know that you work with a team that is ready 24 by 7 to fulfill all tasks, to bring the creatives to their ideal form, sometimes gently, sometimes responding with humor to the main requests, but at the same time trying to achieve the most demanding tastes.
    Terra Promo team became for us more than a contractor)). They are our friends🙃

    marketing “ULF” m. Kiev, Ukraine

    Medikit contacted Terra Promo in February 2021 to lower the cost of engaging customers through Google AdWords. The main task set for Terra Promotion was to reduce the cost of the existing campaigns without losing the flow of customers, which is the main one. The Terra Promo team did an excellent job. All changes in the operating companies were made in an incremental manner with the deep understanding not to screw up. Terra Promo team gradually made changes in existing companies, developing them, adding new ones, resulting in more than 20% reduction of costs for AdWords. Medikit is satisfied with the results and will continue to work on other directions of internet marketing.

    Managing Director of Medikit Ltd in Kyiv. Kiev, Ukraine


    Google Ads

    Google ads gives good results: the advertisement is seen only by those who are really interested in the product. This is a good marketing tool for advertising a product/service.

    With the help of competent advertising in Google you can get the desired results without great costs:

    1. Traffic for online stores and other commercial web resources. If the announcement leads to your website – you get a lot of targeted traffic, which can be converted into sales. Plus, the rating of the web resource will grow at the expense of increased visits.
    2. Increase in brand awareness for the background of contextual advertising. Even if the consumer does not click on the announcement, he or she remembers the brand and can order the service or product next time.
    3. Increase the flow of visitors to your office or store. Customers will be able to find your company on the card in the announcement.

    Everything people are looking for on the Internet can be sold with google ads: from a simple notepad to expensive B2B equipment.

    What is google ads

    Google ads is advertising products on the Internet on the basis of requests and interests of the audience. Context is shown as:

    • advertising on the Google search engine listings;
    • advertising on topical sites, mobile add-ons, services for posting videos (eg, YouTube), which are part of the measure of Google (they are over 2 million).

    Contextual advertising is one of the popular and effective marketing tools for finding and engaging the target audience. Such advertising allows you to obtain a warm audience, because the ads are demonstrated at the very moment when the user himself shows interest in the product.

    How does advertising: Google system reads the request from the applicant, on the basis of this request, generates relevant sources, plus adds a few ads. These ads are also selected by the searcher for relevance. For example, the user wrote “Where to clean carpet”. Google provides relevant webresources of companies for cleaning litter plus adds contextual advertising chemical cleaning services and cleaning companies in his city.

    In this case, there is a high probability that the user will be interested in the dry cleaning in his or her city and will make the transition by advertisement. Roughly speaking, the search engine is a good link between the potential customer and the seller. The searcher sees what the customer wants, what he is interested in and offers it to him.

    Google ads is suitable for any business that sells products or services: online stores, stationary trading networks, services, equipment suppliers, etc.

    Search advertising: advantages

    1. Context begins to work immediately. You can quickly obtain leads after the creation of advertising, due to the proper set-up and the presence of a good web resource, which will be consumed by the visitors.
    2. High conversion of contextual advertising for display propositions only those who are interested in the products.
    3. You can make the most valuable contextual advertising on the basis of setting up the location, the hour of the impressions, the interest of the audience and other parameters in Google adwords.
    4. Full budget management: you can set a limit and adjust it at any time. You can pay only for a click (PPC model) or for the targeted activity of users.
    5. Target those who come “just to watch” through retargeting and remarketing.
    6. Great hunting: advertising will catch a large number of consumers.
    7. You can create advertising with any budget.
    8. Google ads gives a chance for online and offline retailers to get more loyal customers.
    9. There are statistics and metrics to analyze the effectiveness of advertising in Google adwords.

    Among the disadvantages can be noted, a lot of competition among advertisers, and the fact that the establishment of contextual advertising is not all failed without knowledge in this area. That is why it is better to ask the professionals to establish contextual advertising, or deep and long study theory and analytics.

    How much will you have to pay for advertising

    Advertising in Google works for several payment models. The most popular of them are CPC, CPM, CPA. Let’s look at each of them separately.

      1. CPC model. CPC when the advertiser pays only for a click on the announcement. You do not have to pay anything for the fact that the user has seen the advertisement and simply burned out. Clicking and moving through the ads is considered click-through, regardless of whether the user performs the targeted action or closes the announcement.CPC model is available in two payment options: auction and free. Auction-based – when the owner of the business sets the maximum cost of PCC, and the amount specified by the auction system within the established limit is charged. Fictitious – when the advertiser sets the exact PCC value, the system can charge no more or less than the set value.Before displaying ads, the system quickly evaluates the advertising spots and selects positions at cost per PPC. Therefore, if the auction price display of the advertisement in a particular situation is higher than the maximum cost of the PPC advertiser, the advertisement will not be shown.
      2. CPM model. CPM – you have to pay for displays. The advertiser pays for each 1000 impressions of contextual advertising. Such a model comes in two variants of payment: auctioned and funded. In the first case, for 1000 impressions the amount determined by the auction system is charged, and the advertiser sets the maximum and minimum limit of charges. In the other case the advertiser sets the fixed rate. Greater or less than this value, the Google system does not write off.
      3. CPA model. CPA is a conversion fee. Thus, you have to pay for advertising when the recipient has done a specific action: made a purchase, requested a service, signed up, left contact information, etc.

    If the user simply clicked on the contextual advertising and did not buy anything, the advertiser does not pay anything, because the corridor does not make the desired action.

    Selecting the model of payment and setting the optimal PPC – vidpovidalnym moment when adjusting the advertising Cabinet. For each business advertising model is selected individually, depending on the nature of the product, value of money, the target audience, competitiveness.

    Of course, you can set the minimum price of PPC for economy, but the ad will not bring results. You simply will not be able to go through the auction Google.

    If you set a high cost of PPC, the ad may not pay off. It is therefore important to know how to calculate the optimal cost of PPC, so that advertising yielded results without eating into a large budget and pay for itself.

    Do not know which advertising model to choose? Or how to balance between high and low cost PPC, as cheap clicks may not produce results, but high ones may not pay off?

    You will help a professional setup Google ads from TerraPromo. When you choose an advertising model and determine the PPC we analyze the cost of sales and set the optimal price for a click using various additional programs. We can adjust the PPC according to the demand in order to optimize your budget for advertising.

    We can fully undertake the maintenance of the advertising account.

    Guarantees of result
    We provide your sales managers with a flow of target leads.
    We guarantee a thorough approach to work, full and transparent reporting.
    We will fight for the result and enjoy the success together with you.
    Target allows you to show your product to your potential customers in the places they want to see it. For example, in social media.
    Google Ads is aimed at communicating with an audience that has already formed a demand for a similar product and is independently looking for it on the Internet.
    For best results we recommend combining two tools.
    The budget of the campaign will depend, first of all, on your goals, the required number of people and acceptable price for the result. If you have already run ads, as a basis can take the previously obtained data. In addition, when preparing a media plan our experts use a special service for forecasting.
    Ideally, yes. Advertising gets leads well, but the presence of clicks on your site, the clarity of the requests and forms of interest will necessarily influence the transition to conversion.
    In some ways it is. The effectiveness of advertising will be influenced by the level of demand for your product, the frequency of inquiries, as well as their diversity.
    You can expand your capabilities by adding other marketing tools to the sales process. For example, display advertising, Youtube promotion or targeted social media advertising.
    We are digital professionals

      Have interesting project?

      Types of РРС advertising

      Depending on where the ads are displayed, advertising on Google will be search and display network. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

      Search Engine Advertising

      Search engine advertising is displayed on the pages of the search results in the store, on Google Maps, as well as on the pages of other search engines that collaborate with Google. Along with the kind of relevant Web resources, will be released relevant advertising announcements. The choice is up to the user: click on ads or go to the requested relevant web resources.

      PPC advertising in Google is the form of ad units, which are displayed above the organic display of the search results

      In the mobile browser version, search engine advertising looks like this

      Search engine advertising is good because the user sees the proposal in the most adjusted to the purchase. The possibility of purchasing the requested product is great.

      PPC advertising in Google

      Google ads is displayed on certain sites, mobile applications and other resources that are part of the Google Network. These resources are over 2 million. Google display network covers close to 90% of Internet users around the world. Therefore, advertising has a great impact.

      The system places advertisement announcements in thematic web resources, where the advertiser’s target audience is likely to be. For example, when you ask “How to play games on a weak computer” the system displays relevant web resources. One of the requested resources is a banner ad of the well-known game.

      Advertising on the thematic web resource looks like this

      Other advertising in Google, helps to catch up with the visitors, who are interested or interested in a particular product. For example, a listener for a few days looking for a product that you sell, but did not buy. Therefore, advertising can remind him about this product, showing your announcement, when the user is on a particular site, add-on or watching video on YouTube.

      Google ads can be set up for a target audience:

      1. Specify certain resources where you want to show ads. For example, the thematic web-resources, visitors which are more likely to be interested in your product, or certain portals.
      2. Identify the target audience that will see your advertising: location, article, interests, age, etc.
      3. Set up advertising for the keywords and interests.
      4. Do remarketing – show ads to the audience that used to be interested in your product;
      5. Or set the automatic targeting, so that Google itself has determined whom and where advertising will be shown.

      You can use both types of advertising, in order to understand which one gives greater results. And after a series of tests, leave the type that gives the maximum return.

       Google Adwords

      The advertisements are created through the Google Adwords service. This is a private account of the advertiser, where ads, budgets, etc. are managed. Through Ads you can create effective advertisements using the rich functionality and tools of the program.

      Some people find the Ads service difficult. However, the presence of a large number of parameters, just in the hand of the advertiser. He can adjust the majority of the target audience for the display of advertising and receive maximum conversion.

      It is important to properly target or select search terms, so that advertising was available to the audience, which is highly likely to be interested in your products. Otherwise Google ads can be ineffective and will receive empty clicks.

      It’s easier to get professional advertising, so that your product was seen by as many interested people as possible. In this case, advertising in Google will quickly pay off and will be high conversions. Entrusting professionals to conduct advertising, you will only control the result and receive conversions.

      Why is it better to set up a professional ads set up

      There are many articles on the Internet that show how to run ads and start getting sales on the same day. But the issue is not in the implementation of the advertising, but in its effectiveness and profitability for the business.

      The owner of the business can do it himself, but if he has never been engaged in the launch of advertising, you can make a lot of mistakes: the wrong keywords do not select the notes, do not use the expansion, or not use such a tool as minus-words and drain the budget.

      Another mistake – not adjusted goal parameters in Google adwords (Google Adwords): the place of hunting, the interests of the target audience, search and determination of effective locations for placement of ads.

      As a result, search ads are usually there, but they are not shown to the right audience. Clicks will be there, but there will be no sales. As a result, the money from the account will be written off, but sales will remain at the same level.

      Another big mistake is that advertising can be run, but its optimization is not engaged. So it happens when the advertising brings traffic, the budget pays off and everything is OK.

      But there is a possibility to get more traffic with the same budget, analyzing CTR, interests of buyers who came and other indicators.

      With a non-professional approach, advertising on Google can be ineffective. For example, non-optimal price of PPC advertising. If you set very low cost PPC – converts will be little, but if the maximum PPC – advertising can not pay off.

      It is important to assess which PPC will be optimal. For this purpose, you need to study a lot of factors and make constant tests. You need professional experience.

      To avoid such mistakes and not spoil the advertising budget, you must choose one of 3 solutions:

      • Study more deeply the basics of analytics Ads and advertising;
      • hire a skilled professional to manage your advertising account;
      • Turn to the service of a professional setting context.

      It should be noted that the staff is not always justified in the plan for the cost of wages for the full day. And there is a risk of hiring an incompetent professional, who incorrectly sets up the advertising and saves the budget of the company.

      Professional adjustment of advertising in our agency TerraPromo in Kiev. Kiev will be cost-effective for you. You will not spend a lot of time studying the analytics of the advertising company, will not take risks, hiring staff co-worker. You just need to order the context, tell them about your expectations from the advertising, set the budget and pay only for the agency services, rather than for the full day of maintenance staff.

      Our digital agency TerraPromo can launch or engage in advertising, depending on your goals.

      Get advertising with TerraPromo

      Professional setup Ads and contextual advertising can be done in our agency for Internet marketing. We have been creating effective advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and other services for many years.

      Search advertising is established on the basis of a thorough marketing analysis of your target audience. We will not run ads in Google adwords in a fake way and will be careful to your budget.

      We can help you at some stage of development of Google adwords or fully engage in the conduct advertising.

      During the conduct of advertising campaign we will give a statement on the effectiveness, so you know what results will bring advertising.

      Why setting up advertising with TerraPromo cost-effective

      1. Quick start advertising in Ads, you will get converts from one day of creation context;
      2. We have extensive experience of setting up professional advertising campaigns in Ads with different budgets.
      3. We work in various fields, so we can understand the needs of any target audience.
      4. We will optimize costs and set the optimal PPC for which there will be conversions.
      5. A great team of experts who will perform their task for your project.
      6. We carry out constant analysis of Google adwords statistics to improve the results.
      7. Proper professional setup and maintenance of contextual advertising throughout Ukraine.

      To order a context in Ukraine telephoned us for the ordered number on the website. Or fill out a short request, it will take no more than 1 minute. We will phone you.

      And if you want to discuss your project personally, you can come to our office in Kiev. We will be glad to see you.

      Price of maintenance and adjustment of the ads will depend on the amount of work and the complexity of the project. Before providing services for maintenance of the advertising campaign we will calculate the residual cost and tell you about it.

      Besides the establishment of advertising in Google adwords for online stores and other businesses, we create sites for online stores and companies in Ukraine, we are involved in their promotion. When ordering combined marketing services you can also contact us by filling out a short order form on the agency’s website.